SOCIAL MEDIA & DESIGN “Akhanda Yoga.” | YouTube

For the past little while, I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the development of the Akhanda Yoga YouTube Channel alongside LefteriAlexander and Yogi Vishvketu. It has now slowly come into fruition and I urge all you spiritual-ites go check it out and subscribe! More to come.


VIDEO “V 4 X D : Don’t text & drive. — an educational SHORT Film” | YouTube


Version 2.0 :

VIDEO “HKO’12 TOUR” visit Hong Kong, Japan, and the Philippines with your guides, the ‘Boys of Campfire’ | YouTube


In 2012, the Boys of Campfire pooled their resources for a one-month extensive tour around pivotal points cross the Asia peninsula. Setting out on a mission of worldly-exploration, self-understanding, and a desire to learn how to document and edit video, the Boys had landed in Hong Kong — deeming it their main base of operations for the duration of their journey. Initially only spanning across Hong Kong and Japan, the Philippines were quickly added, as these islands house the heritage for two of the Boys’ members. Starting out in Hong Kong, a myriad of adventures had begun to unfold — this is their story. (Sidney Sanchez, Jared Burton, Urvil James Villaruel)

Full web-series, below: