Resonance through brick-work.


August 22, 2015, Toronto, ON – Life, in may ways, is a lot like breaking bricks. Seemingly mystical in nature, brick breaking has been a part of traditional and spiritual martial arts for eons. The act, however, is actually quite scientific. Tune in to the right frequency and anything will break.

I used to relish in the practice of breaking bricks. It was exciting, it provided instant feedback, and it offered up many lessons on working through distractions. The lessons learned through brick breaking are plentiful; as, when one is truly ready, even the rocks become the teacher.

Last night, I was afforded this opportunity once again, and, after not having practiced breaking in some time, I had to utilize my most direct form of feedback available to me: sound. You see, when hit properly, bricks make a specific sound when they’re ready to break. A pinging sound that lets you know you’ve hit correctly. No force, just frequency. The trick, then, becomes tuning in to that frequency, that feeling, even before landing your first strike. That way, the brick will always fall on your first go.

Life, in may ways, is a lot like breaking bricks.

In life, we are confronted with many obstacles; things that get in the way of our clarity and direction. Our sense of self belief and conviction. Our intuition and our persistence. Pain, in this case, serves as our obstacle during this exercise. The ability to clear our minds and not doubt our own ability to strike through while disregarding all other previous attempts is the key. There is nothing, really, but this present moment.

Then, there’s the ego. That feeling of ‘I’m not hitting hard enough’, so one ends up hammer the brick with as much force as humanly possible. Yet, the brick still won’t give. Like in life, forcing and fixing will not always work. We need to allow and accept, and make peace with what it is that we are doing. Never pushing for more, and only cleaning the slate whenever we feel like we’ve put in less. Life is about that ebb and flow. Not about forcing yourself upstream, but swimming in and between the current. As most of us know, forcing something to work will eventually leave us feeling burnt out. Or in this case, left with a swollen hand.

The key is frequency. The resonance of getting it just right. Listening, allowing and accepting what comes your way. Not attaching to failure, but basking in the afterglow of finally being able to tune in. You hit the brick and like in life, with minimal effort, everything just seems to go your way. The brick just falls and you’ve gotten exactly what you wanted. Life is a lot like this. When boiled down, life is simply a series of frequencies and vibrations that, when listened to carefully, allow anything to happen. We just have to find our own way of tuning in.

At first, with life and with bricks, we will naturally tend to overshoot. We will jump to ego. But only when we find that right sound, that right pitch, will we ever realize that: all life is vibrating around us at all times, and it’s just a matter of remembering to tune right in. Ultimately, it is we who make our own lives happen; our own choices, our own outcomes and our own beliefs. It is within us to decide what it is that we want ourselves to see and what we want to align ourselves with.

So, really, tuning in isn’t really all that mystical after all, it’s a natural process that we partake in daily; whether we’d like to or not. It’s life, the universe, that subtle hum that surrounds us, only to be realized when we actively sit still and abide in both the space and the silence.

New Site: Let’s Grow Studio, Gilbert, AZ

It’s always great working with amazing studios who push out positive and wonderful energy! Check out the new site I designed for Let’s Grow Studio, a yoga studio out of Gilbert, Arizona. Hit the image to check it out!

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+ more (CLICK) — “Spirit shots.” | In The Spirit Yoga | Nikon D5100 | 18-55mm

Some shots I took for the In The Spirit Yoga Studio & Wine Lounge. You can see them online on their new website, here:

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