I Exited Through The Gift Shop and picked up some tools along the way.


A must-see for all aspiring creatives, this cult classic chronicles the life of Thierry Guetta, in his quest to discover the secret life of street artists. Featuring notable appearances by Shepard Fairey and the illusive Banksy, this documentary will take you down the rabbit hole of what it means to be creative and question everything.

With no rules, borders, or boundaries to halt them, these artistic renegades will stop at nothing to put on a great visual display.

Filled with societal satire, sharp jabs at the illusion of authority, and poking fun at our perceptions, not only is this film a great art piece coddling a great storyline, but it is something that will leave you thinking a little more differently about the world around you.

-photo via Google

Banksy’s First Film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’