Perspective is everything.



G A M E.

When you really stop to think about it, all life is, is just one exceptionally elaborate video game. From school, to work, to play, to making money — all life relies on the same strategies as an RPG(*see: Role Playing Game), as we are much more than these avatars that we seemingly control. By viewing life in this manner, how then can we not be resourceful? During the hard times, maybe we’re just stuck on a level that we can’t yet quite overcome without a little bit of help. Perhaps in adopting this kind of mindset, we can each start to shift some of that tenacity that we hold for video games into our daily life.

Just remember: never give up; never surrender; and once in a while, be willing to put down that controller.

Venture Forth x Discover

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With the advent of social media, when we die, all that will remain will be how we saw the world; each of us with our very own unique set of viewpoints and through our very own unique set of eyes.

Always maintain to push towards and venture forth & discover your own world — one that you tailor make to be just right for you.

In the end, no one can ever truly tell you that you were ever truly right or that you were ever truly wrong. Build your own passions, grow your own goals and establish your own set of beliefs. Find your own way of seeing the world, and just don’t forget to share it with the rest of us.




The three main pillars for anyone wishing to lead a happy, successful and fulfilled life: Stay Positive,Get Active and Be Creative. These three tenants will help you to maximize your life-experience to the fullest! Adapt, experience, construct and always maintain to be nice to everyone that you meet.

You are worth it!


*note: yes, that’s a banksy panda.

It’s hard out here for a millennial — the struggle is real.


Presented with the perpetual and endlessly revolving ‘unpaid internship’ – millennials provide an entity with an infinitely renewable resource of labour for the long haul.

Often found chasing down the preposterous levels of experience necessary to fill any entry level position nowadays, millennials, in their pursuit of experience, can sit happily knowing that, even after all of their hard work interning at a company, their positions can still easily be filled by an endless stream of recent graduates looking to make a name for themselves.

Granted, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any jobs out there for a millennial. No, big corporations are eager to scoop up millennials in order to fill attractive customer-facing positions, like cash and sales; for a millennial is bursting with hard work, motivation, and endless drive — though, they are typically compelled by the desire to pay off their inordinate mounds of school debt.

But seriously, millennials, “why quit now?” “what about your benefits and pay?” “who else is willing to hire you with all of your inexperience?” after all, “you’ve almost made it to a management position!”  All increasingly attractive statements, promising a long and prosperous career spearheading and advancing a corporation’s front and bottom line.

Ultimately, chained by the never-ending mound of debt and interest, and continuously tempted by products we can hardly afford, perhaps the Matrix had it right when they likened us to mere batteries — but, hey, who here is really complaining?

Something You Forgot.


You are going to die. Have you ever stopped to think about the truth behind that statement? Many people say that they have, but really, they haven’t. Heck, I’m writing about it and I can even say that I truly comprehend the reality of my own non-existence. I suppose no one really knows its true meaning until they are face to face with death. However, it is something that we all have to realize, come to terms with, and accept. Death may be imminent, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

We each spend our day, day in and day out, finding ways in which to cheat death; to prolong our lives for just a little bit longer, but for what? Doesn’t the man who buys all of those anti-aging formulae know that he’s going to die, regardless? How will that formula help, should he unexpectedly be hit by a bus tomorrow morning on his way to work? Morose imagery that shouldn’t depress your view, or prohibit you from leaving your home, but uplift you and help you to realize that: because we are going to die, we need to look at life a little bit differently.

The real beauty of life lies in knowing that we are going to die. That way, each day that we wake up is a beautiful one; simply because we are still alive. Granted, some of us wake up dreading the day, hoping that it will all end in one quick flash, but why? The simple beauties and struggles of daily life are non-recurring and may only be experienced once in a lifetime, as no two moments are exactly the same. Because of that, we must experience each occurring moment as if it were our last.

Admittedly, life can be hard. I don’t know what it’s like to house a mortgage I am incapable of paying back; I don’t know what it’s like to work tirelessly, just so that my child may be able to go to school; I don’t know what it’s like to wake up every morning to fetch a pail water 50 miles down the road, just so that my family and I may have clean water to drink; no, I don’t know these things, and neither may you. Though we may be blind to the hardships of life’s little trials, we aren’t all blind to how beautiful this world can be — in every laugh, in every joke, in every smell, in every smile. Each day, we all work towards making this world a better place for ourselves.

Amidst the hardship and the pain, we are each provided with moments of true inspiration; true happiness. In these moments, even a simple, but fleeting moment of laughter can make all the difference in the world. The beauties and the pains of this life are here only for a short amount of time; and for that, they must be embraced. Every experience, good or bad, is still an experience unto itself. Only when we realize that we are going to die, can we truly appreciate being alive. Experience is a gift.

Some of us will suffer a heart attack, some of us will die from a stroke, most of us will come across cancer, but in the end, we are all going to die. Do something you love right now, as we’ve each only got one shot.

Lil’ Wayne – Something You Forgot (explicit lyrics)

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