Laugh yourself into wakefulness.


maxresdefaultFeb. 07, 2015, Toronto, ON – Why is it that the most spiritually awakened, objective individuals among us are majority comedians? With their light hearted candor and objective deconstruction of society’s folly, they offer us a glimpse at the more meaningful and truthful aspects of life, allowing us to not only poke fun at ourselves, but also jar us into awakedness in the process.

From Joe Rogan, to Jimmy Dore, to Russell Brand, to Dave Chappelle, we are afforded a truthful dissection of the malpractice of society, as they continue to open our minds and challenge public opinion.

Perhaps the world would be better run if we had a few more comedians in charge – or, at least, a little bit more jovial.

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What Goes In, Must Come Out: Paving The Way For A Nutritional Revolution.


Dustin+BarcaDec. 22, 2014, (update: Sep. 29, 2015) Toronto, ON – It seems that, over time, we’ve all come to forget the most basic and defining tenant with regards to maintaing our own overall health: what you put into your body is ultimately what you will get out of it. Holistically, the most effective form of medicine that we can acquire today is simple, wholesome and nutritious food. Not pills that help enable us to continue our daily misinformed mission towards self-poisoning, no – just simple, wholesome and nutritious food.

Turning over any package, we can quickly see the ways in which today’s – quote – healthy alternatives – unquote – have been doused with pesticides, corn meal and hydrogenated sugars. Could it be that our system relies on dysfunctional human assets that generate revenue through prescription and hospital bills; leaving little room for happy, healthy individuals?

ronmWhy is it that there are so many people up in arms, ready to defend what they have simply grown, all because of profit driven motives surrounding our most basic human needs: food, water, air, and shelter?

Perhaps it’s time for a nutritional and cultural revolution alongside proper education to stop this problem from the ground up, educating the masses on how imperative it is that: what we put into our body is ultimately what we will get out of it.

Thankfully, there are a few pioneers already leading the way.

[photos via Ron Finley, Dustin Barca]

Altruistic-dollar signs and D-galactose.


(update: Sep. 29, 2015) It goes without saying – don’t believe everything you hear – but do we exercise the same such caution even when thinking about our own health? Turns out, we should, as the hype for milk has recently been unveiled; linking milk to a greater number of bone fractures*.

Though, surely, Big-Corpa does have our best interest in mind. It can’t all be about the money and marketing milk now, can it? Hard to say when most consumer goods contain some form of dairy, and milk has been touted as white gold for better bone density. Now those kinds of market hold percentages are definitely going to pull some major headway when taking into account policy and decision making. But who knows.

[* source: Toronto Star: Does milk do a body good? Maybe not, study says]

Sometimes, it seems, entertainment can be the best vehicle for pushing forward progressive ideals.

Devil May Cry 5 | The Order (trailer)

It’s hard out here for a millennial — the struggle is real.


Presented with the perpetual and endlessly revolving ‘unpaid internship’ – millennials provide an entity with an infinitely renewable resource of labour for the long haul.

Often found chasing down the preposterous levels of experience necessary to fill any entry level position nowadays, millennials, in their pursuit of experience, can sit happily knowing that, even after all of their hard work interning at a company, their positions can still easily be filled by an endless stream of recent graduates looking to make a name for themselves.

Granted, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any jobs out there for a millennial. No, big corporations are eager to scoop up millennials in order to fill attractive customer-facing positions, like cash and sales; for a millennial is bursting with hard work, motivation, and endless drive — though, they are typically compelled by the desire to pay off their inordinate mounds of school debt.

But seriously, millennials, “why quit now?” “what about your benefits and pay?” “who else is willing to hire you with all of your inexperience?” after all, “you’ve almost made it to a management position!”  All increasingly attractive statements, promising a long and prosperous career spearheading and advancing a corporation’s front and bottom line.

Ultimately, chained by the never-ending mound of debt and interest, and continuously tempted by products we can hardly afford, perhaps the Matrix had it right when they likened us to mere batteries — but, hey, who here is really complaining?

Facebook me.


If Ebola were such a worldwide and dire pandemic, you’d think government organizations would shift more of their spending towards this, over having Facebook solicit me for my monetary contribution. I thought governments and worldwide organizations were established to protect our interests; especially with regards to global catastrophes. Little did we know we still have to do everything for ourselves.



Why Formal Education Should Take A Lesson In Jeet Kune Do.


Adapt or die. Not in the literal sense – or perhaps in the literal sense – formalized education has become a stale, standardization of skills; effectively diminishing one’s own ability to grow creatively.

The body, like the mind, is an engine unique unto each individual. So then, should that mean that using preset solutions for solving problems be the only correct way of doing things?

If your kick is faster, more powerful; yet, does not meet the criteria for how a kick should be executed, would your kick then, be wrong? Not if it gets the job done. History is littered with great institutionalized failures that have eventually become great successes. Where they were once seen as wrong, we now see them as innovators in their field.

Granted, there are preset universal laws of nature that we each must abide by; but to cast out new ways of thinking that may provide a better alternative to the archetype would be a misstep in the learning and development of our society. We are at the dawn of a new age in creativity, all thanks to the power of the internet, and to dismiss open source creativity for inflexible dogma would be a disservice to all those proverbially peering outside the box.

Through adaptation, progression, and evolution, Jeet Kune Do has provided an appropriate framework for what continuous and effective improvement looks like. By keeping only the rules of nature in mind, and doing away with forcibly rigid schools of thought, we can each find our own unique creativity and way of doing things — if only we be like water.

Sir Ken Robinson – School Kills Creativity

BUY – OLOGY; Contention over comprehension.


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