Why Formal Education Should Take A Lesson In Jeet Kune Do.


Adapt or die. Not in the literal sense – or perhaps in the literal sense – formalized education has become a stale, standardization of skills; effectively diminishing one’s own ability to grow creatively.

The body, like the mind, is an engine unique unto each individual. So then, should that mean that using preset solutions for solving problems be the only correct way of doing things?

If your kick is faster, more powerful; yet, does not meet the criteria for how a kick should be executed, would your kick then, be wrong? Not if it gets the job done. History is littered with great institutionalized failures that have eventually become great successes. Where they were once seen as wrong, we now see them as innovators in their field.

Granted, there are preset universal laws of nature that we each must abide by; but to cast out new ways of thinking that may provide a better alternative to the archetype would be a misstep in the learning and development of our society. We are at the dawn of a new age in creativity, all thanks to the power of the internet, and to dismiss open source creativity for inflexible dogma would be a disservice to all those proverbially peering outside the box.

Through adaptation, progression, and evolution, Jeet Kune Do has provided an appropriate framework for what continuous and effective improvement looks like. By keeping only the rules of nature in mind, and doing away with forcibly rigid schools of thought, we can each find our own unique creativity and way of doing things — if only we be like water.

Sir Ken Robinson – School Kills Creativity