No way!

A bag of rice and 24-hours later, to my amazement, Mr. Nikon has made a full and miraculous recovery! Who would have thought the old ‘stick it in rice’ trick for wet electronics really would have worked? But, I suppose, as the old saying goes – all shots never taken are always missed.

Welcome home, Nikon D5100. I look forward to many more shoots with you by my side.

… Too bad I accidentally wiped all the footage from before you took the plunge.IMG_9282

Goodnight, sweet prince.

A year and a half of service later, it’s finally time to wish good-game to my Nikon D5100 and all of our glorious adventures together. Going out in true fashion, my Nikon decided to take a plunge bottom-first into the lake as my slipper gave out while traversing around a rocky bend. Shorts, shirt and camera, all soaking wet, let’s see what this bag of rice has to offer…

Though, I suppose like TJ beating Barao for the second time, it looks like it’s time for a new era. Welcome, my new Canon photo series’.


+ more (CLICK) — “Spirit shots.” | In The Spirit Yoga | Nikon D5100 | 18-55mm

Some shots I took for the In The Spirit Yoga Studio & Wine Lounge. You can see them online on their new website, here:

*04SM 01SM 2 01SM 02SM 2 02SM 03SM L01SM L02SM L03SM L04SM L05SM L06SM L07SM S02SM