#MOVINGPORTRAITS EP. 1 “Bhind the Camera.” with Brentley ‘Wabo’ Bautista

Stoked to have the first dude who taught me about videography serve as the first person on ‪#‎MOVINGPORTRAITS. Check out Episode 1, “Behind the Camera,” now to gain some insight from the founder of eight:six media.

Perspective is everything.



G A M E.

When you really stop to think about it, all life is, is just one exceptionally elaborate video game. From school, to work, to play, to making money — all life relies on the same strategies as an RPG(*see: Role Playing Game), as we are much more than these avatars that we seemingly control. By viewing life in this manner, how then can we not be resourceful? During the hard times, maybe we’re just stuck on a level that we can’t yet quite overcome without a little bit of help. Perhaps in adopting this kind of mindset, we can each start to shift some of that tenacity that we hold for video games into our daily life.

Just remember: never give up; never surrender; and once in a while, be willing to put down that controller.

Venture Forth x Discover

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With the advent of social media, when we die, all that will remain will be how we saw the world; each of us with our very own unique set of viewpoints and through our very own unique set of eyes.

Always maintain to push towards and venture forth & discover your own world — one that you tailor make to be just right for you.

In the end, no one can ever truly tell you that you were ever truly right or that you were ever truly wrong. Build your own passions, grow your own goals and establish your own set of beliefs. Find your own way of seeing the world, and just don’t forget to share it with the rest of us.




The three main pillars for anyone wishing to lead a happy, successful and fulfilled life: Stay Positive,Get Active and Be Creative. These three tenants will help you to maximize your life-experience to the fullest! Adapt, experience, construct and always maintain to be nice to everyone that you meet.

You are worth it!


*note: yes, that’s a banksy panda.