Grams of Gold.


September 25, 2015, Ottawa, ON – A brilliant amalgamation of electronic music and down-south flow, Big Grams is the brainchild of hip hop heavyweight Big Boi and rising star duo Phantogram. Reemerging in a big way after time spent away from his original super-duo Outkast, Big Boi, alongside Big Grams, offers up soulful hooks and anthemic underlays from team Phantogram, propelled forward by Big Boi’s boisterous bravado, ready at the helm.

Definitely worth every gram.

What do Taylor Swift and Blessthefall have in common? They’re both pretty awesome at the drop-beat.


July 1, 2015, Tonroto, ON – I know I’m a little late in the game on this one, but after listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 on a drive up to Montreal, I had the opportunity to really examine and appreciate the eclectic brilliance of her latest CD.

From beginning to end, Swift’s album offers an extremely easy listen, with pop songs carrying diverse instrumentals that leave something for everybody. If you’re like me and you’re eclectic in your musical taste, this is an album definitely worth checking out.

My personal favourite, next to the driving hip hop-like bass and snare of ‘Bad Blood’, is ‘I Wish You Would’. Being partial to screamo, myself, I was amazed to hear a bit of a screamo-drop beat during the chorus of this anthemic track. Don’t believe me? Jump to 24-seconds of ‘I Wish You Would’ – pause – now jump to 34-seconds of Blessthefall’s ‘Witness’. MAGIC.

Pick up Taylor Swift’s new CD, 1989, wherever you get your music – you wont regret it.

A Blurryface of Awesome.


Toronto, ON, May 30, 2015 – Uniquely juxtaposing cheery lyrics with somber visuals, the Twenty One Pilots continue to prove that they are a couple of melodic hit bangers with their new video for ‘Ride’.



Debuting their second full length album, Blurryface, the Twenty One Pilots continue in their pursuit to stylistically meld hip hop, electronic, pop, reggae, dance, emo and rock into a brilliant amalgamation that can only be heard to be described. From heart wrenching piano ballads like ‘Goner’, to 60’s dance-pop tracks like ‘Message Man’, to electronic pop-with-hip-hop-elements like their opening track ‘Heavydirtysoul’, the Twenty One Pilots single-handedly carve out a musical niche that anyone would have trouble fitting into just one box.


Signed to the famed Fueled By Ramen, a record label that has put out other great artists like Paramore and Fall Out Boy, this millennial duo from Columbus, Ohio make listening to CDs from start to finish fun again – with each song gradually taking the listener on an auditory roller coaster filled with both upbeats and down.

Definitely worth its space in your digital library, you can download the Twenty One Pilots’ Blurryface on iTunes now.

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V 4 X D : Book I. “Philosophy, music and art.”

Combining philosophy, music and art, this first in a series of three photo books consists of photos taken along my travels. Showcasing music by Lorde, Dizzy Wright, Mt Eden and Skrillex, get ready for an experiential movement blasting the reader off into a new headspace that is both enlightening and introspective.

– book i playlist –
Lorde – Buzzcut Season
Dizzy Wright – The First Agreement feat. Nikkiya and Manny Scott
Mt Eden – Sierra Leone feat. Freshly Ground
Skrillex – First Of The Year [Equinox]

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V4XD BOOK I cover

G.O.O.D. tips.

Taking advantage of cross collaboration and harnessing the the power of creative outsourcing, Kanye West teaches business professionals the importance of playing to your strengths and putting together a great team in order to create something masterful. Though completely different sectors (one art, one business) entrepreneurs would do well to learn from the lessons of G.O.O.D. Friday. Develop a formidable skill-set, find others with complementing skill-sets, build powerful teams, succeed.

Commerce, life, and music all seem to share the same valued principle: it’s all about who you know, and who you decide to collaborate with.

Kanye West – G.O.O.D. Friday