#MOVINGPORTRAITS EP. 1 “Bhind the Camera.” with Brentley ‘Wabo’ Bautista

Stoked to have the first dude who taught me about videography serve as the first person on ‪#‎MOVINGPORTRAITS. Check out Episode 1, “Behind the Camera,” now to gain some insight from the founder of eight:six media.

Artistic Minds Podcast #2

We live in an amazing wold filled with immense wonder and beauty. There is no good or bad, there only is. Respect others, do good, love and enjoy your life. That being said, check out the latest podcast from Artistic Minds featuring me! [Disclaimer: futurist thoughts ensue. :)] Hit the image below and enjoy –

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Laugh yourself into wakefulness.


maxresdefaultFeb. 07, 2015, Toronto, ON – Why is it that the most spiritually awakened, objective individuals among us are majority comedians? With their light hearted candor and objective deconstruction of society’s folly, they offer us a glimpse at the more meaningful and truthful aspects of life, allowing us to not only poke fun at ourselves, but also jar us into awakedness in the process.

From Joe Rogan, to Jimmy Dore, to Russell Brand, to Dave Chappelle, we are afforded a truthful dissection of the malpractice of society, as they continue to open our minds and challenge public opinion.

Perhaps the world would be better run if we had a few more comedians in charge – or, at least, a little bit more jovial.

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Check out some enlightening wisdom, below:


I Exited Through The Gift Shop and picked up some tools along the way.


A must-see for all aspiring creatives, this cult classic chronicles the life of Thierry Guetta, in his quest to discover the secret life of street artists. Featuring notable appearances by Shepard Fairey and the illusive Banksy, this documentary will take you down the rabbit hole of what it means to be creative and question everything.

With no rules, borders, or boundaries to halt them, these artistic renegades will stop at nothing to put on a great visual display.

Filled with societal satire, sharp jabs at the illusion of authority, and poking fun at our perceptions, not only is this film a great art piece coddling a great storyline, but it is something that will leave you thinking a little more differently about the world around you.

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Banksy’s First Film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’

The dollars are on Bones.


Jan. 3, 2015, Toronto, ON – When looking to see how far the corporate dollar’s influence may fall, look no further than tonight’s most anticipated grudge match between Jones and Cormier. This article isn’t about favouring one side over the other; rather, it’s an examination of the biased allegiance that pokes its serpentine-like head while watching EA SPORTS’ UFC Simulation on YouTube.

Is it any wonder that Bones ends up on top after five grueling rounds, where the best Cormier can land is a substantial suplex on the champ, all the while considering that Jones is the primary poster-boy for the leading UFC title by EA? One can only wonder if things would have swayed in a far different direction, should Cormier have been the one highlighted on the cover.

likedislikeRegardless, EA’s cast its die, but at least 50 percent of the audience still thinks that Cormier has a shot – regardless of all the mass marketing paraded around in the media.

Personally, I’m also in favor of Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones. Not because of all of the hype, but because he is a really good fighter. Notice: no dollar signs were backed by that statement.

Now, that isn’t to say that EA’s prediction doesn’t hold true – it might. I’m just saying that it’s a little hard to hear the heralds of the pious when dollar signs are oozing out of every orifice.

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A Cultural Shift In Style: Dance, Dance From Under The Cork Tree.


Fall Out Boy -“Dance, Dance”, 2005 – The song that single-handedly catapulted emo pop-punk onto the mainstream “cool” stage, catching the attention of Jay-Z – the band’s future producer – effectively making emo pop-punk a trendy cultural sub-genre to be affiliated with.


Goodbye two-sizes too big and hello to two-sizes too small fitted jeans for the masses.

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The Satisfaction Of Reality. There Is No Spoon.


sha13There may be a reason why the Martial Arts, in its myriad of forms, have been practiced for eons. Because it works.

Like yoga, the true essence of Martial Arts is to provide spiritual and mental liberation alongside an appreciation for everything around you. Where yoga is concerned with the development of the self through internal means and exploration, the Martial Arts find their inner peace through external exercises and the communal interaction between others.

Continually confronted by death and destruction, the Martial Arts empathically build with them an appreciation for all living things. It is through realizing that all things are transient that we can begin to appreciate them for what they truly are – both momentary and precious.

Like the yin and the yang, there must always be a comfortable counterbalance in every action, and it is through fixating oneself on the notion of death that one can truly find life. Philosophy, outlook, and positivity; all things incorporated into the Martial Arts for their necessity and immediacy.

Through defeat, we can experience true liberation when we choose to get back up. In life, we are continually bombarded by fears that only merit true value in the mind. We find difficulty in distinguishing between the peril that we see in our mind from the peril that is directly and tangibly right in front of us. Only when we come to realize that what truly matters is what is right in front of us, that we can let go of what is holding us back mentally. A fist flying at your face in real life is completely different from a fist flying at your face in your mind. The Martial Arts are what allows us the ability to stay present, to stay mindful.

You can surrounded yourself with immense beauty, with happiness all around you; yet, you can still feel dissatisfaction in everything that you see because you have become a prisoner of your own mind. Focus on and experience the true beauty and joy that is right in front of you. That way, you can come to let go of what you peer at only through the fear and burden of your own mind.

-photos from: The Mind Unleashed