Grams of Gold.


September 25, 2015, Ottawa, ON – A brilliant amalgamation of electronic music and down-south flow, Big Grams is the brainchild of hip hop heavyweight Big Boi and rising star duo Phantogram. Reemerging in a big way after time spent away from his original super-duo Outkast, Big Boi, alongside Big Grams, offers up soulful hooks and anthemic underlays from team Phantogram, propelled forward by Big Boi’s boisterous bravado, ready at the helm.

Definitely worth every gram.

Skrilled Together.


In a world of warring feuds, territory restrictions, and lines in the sand, could electronic music be the great unifier?

Dabbling in the musical landscapes of pop, hip hop, ambient, reggae, post hardcore, and, most notably, dub-step, electronic artist, Skrillex, has effectively crossed boundaries and blurred the lines between genres with his own unique twist on electronic music. Amalgamating pop ballads with mind-bending bass drops, Skrillex administers his own brand of “I’ll do what I please” with each level adjustment. Recently entering into the realm of dancehall reggae with songs like All Is Fair In Love and Brostep, Skrillex has unequivocally established himself as the type-O of the music industry.

Skrillex – Cinema [Benny Benassi Feat. Gary Go] Remix