Goodnight, sweet prince.

A year and a half of service later, it’s finally time to wish good-game to my Nikon D5100 and all of our glorious adventures together. Going out in true fashion, my Nikon decided to take a plunge bottom-first into the lake as my slipper gave out while traversing around a rocky bend. Shorts, shirt and camera, all soaking wet, let’s see what this bag of rice has to offer…

Though, I suppose like TJ beating Barao for the second time, it looks like it’s time for a new era. Welcome, my new Canon photo series’.


Uncool, Canon cameras, uncool…

Under a month in and my new Canon 70D got hit up with an irritating firmware glitch that not even the message boards of the internet could solve. My only option, send it in for repairs.

Sad to think that my Nikon D5100 lasted over a year and a half with heavy use, was purchased second-hand and still sustains no faults even to this day. Should have listened to Casey Neistat when I had the chance – Canon can be full of glitches; as my brand new 70D-self found out after only under a month of use.

C’est la vie. Such is life.