V 4 X D : Book I. “Philosophy, music and art.”

Combining philosophy, music and art, this first in a series of three photo books consists of photos taken along my travels. Showcasing music by Lorde, Dizzy Wright, Mt Eden and Skrillex, get ready for an experiential movement blasting the reader off into a new headspace that is both enlightening and introspective.

– book i playlist –
Lorde – Buzzcut Season
Dizzy Wright – The First Agreement feat. Nikkiya and Manny Scott
Mt Eden – Sierra Leone feat. Freshly Ground
Skrillex – First Of The Year [Equinox]

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V4XD BOOK I cover

“Highland Creek, photo-famous.”

Cool to see some of the shots I snapped for the Centennial College Cup Of Care event we ran made it into the Highland Creek Villager Vol. 39, No. 2 – Jan/ Feb 2015. For the full selection of photos I shot, click HERE.


Being more human: the Reebok way.


be-more-human-86361824Feb. 02, 2015, Toronto, ON – It looks like Reebok has finally decided to answer back against Nike’s -Find Your Greatness- commercials with its very own –Be More Human- campaign. Regardless of your perspective on either company, it’s great to see that corporations have at least finally begun addressing (or capitalizing on) the positivity behind growing the human potential. From motivational soundbites to crescendoing anthems, we may have all just entered a new paradigm in commercial-evolution: the “you can be the best ‘you’ that you want to be” mindset.

Duplicitous history and corporate agendas aside, I’m sure that we can all at least agree that this is a nice step in the right direction.